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TruRes - True Resonance Solid Body Guitar Pickup

01 Apr 2018

TruRes - True Resonance System

April 1, 2018 -- PHRED instruments announces the development of a True Resonance (TruRes™) solid body guitar pickup designed to pickup and amplify the true resonance of a solid body electric guitar.  Rather than amplifying the electromagnetic changes in string vibrations like a standard electric guitar pickup, the TruRes™ pickup amplifies the natural acoustic properties of a solid piece of wood when you pluck the strings on the guitar.

The TruRes™ pickup system works by strategically placing two separate microphonic pickups at the base of the guitar body with hollowed out micro-channels inside the guitar.  One micro-channel runs through the bass side of the guitar and other micro-channel runs throughout the treble side of the guitar.  There are two knobs, one for each TruRes™ pickup, that can be used to adjust the volume of the microphonic pickups and allow you to blend in the signal with the standard electric guitar pickups under the strings.

"Now you can really hear the differences between an Alder body vs an Ash body", says Freddy Rose, of PHRED instruments.  "Our TruRes™ pickup system will revolutionize what we already know about the tonal properties of a solid piece of wood".

PHRED instruments plans to further develop the TreRes™ pickup system by interfacing with iPhone and Andriod Apps where you can shape the sound of the TruRes™ pickup and model different types of guitar body woods.  In case you ever wondered how your guitar would sound with a different body wood, our TruRes™ pickup system will be able to make that a reality.

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