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Pedal of the Day Read More
Pedal of the Day

Whether you're shopping for your first guitar or bass effects pedal or looking to add some new sounds to your pedal board or collection, Pedal of the Day reviews a different guitar or bass effects ped...

Artist Spotlight: Patrick Higgins Read More
Artist Spotlight: Patrick Higgins

A friend suggested he listen to “the Grateful Dead’s rhythm guitarist Bob Weir, he’s different, I think you’ll like what he does.” Yup. Loved his work ever since. Saw the Grateful Dead for the first t...

Show Opener Contest Read More
Show Opener Contest

PHRED instruments is excited to announce our Show Opener contest where you have a chance to win up to $300 toward a PHRED instruments guitar by guessing the first song played by a band during a live p...

Artist Spotlight: Josh Maxey Read More
Artist Spotlight: Josh Maxey

Josh Maxey is a musician and guitar teacher based in New York City. Josh’s music has been played all around the world on jazz radio and has received dozens of critical reviews. He counts his main infl...

Using a HubBub Junction Box with an OBEL Equipped Guitar (Video) Read More
Using a HubBub Junction Box with an OBEL Equipped Guitar (Video)

Credit for coming up with this idea is attributed to Jerry Garcia, and the term OBEL, or On Board Effects Loop is widely used to describe a guitar that has this optional feature. Guitars that have an ...

Ernesto vs DockStar: What are the Differences? Read More
Ernesto vs DockStar: What are the Differences?

The Ernesto and DockStar are quite similar in many ways. Inspired by the amplified tone of Trey Anastasio's Languedoc guitars, they are not exactly Languedoc copy, or Languedoc replica guitars. Contin...