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Take your PHRED guitar to the next level with custom options ranging from DiMarzio and Seymour Ducan pickups to Schaller locking tuners.
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Plug in, tune up, and jam on! PHRED guitars are fully setup and ready to play right out of the box. We do the setup and testing so you won't have to.
Setup & Wiring Videos
Artist Spotlight: Connor Kennedy Read More
Artist Spotlight: Connor Kennedy

Connor Kennedy, guitarist from Woodstock, and a member of Steely Dan’s touring band.

Artist Spotlight: Chuck Warda Read More
Artist Spotlight: Chuck Warda

Meet LDWs guitarist, Chuck Warda @chuckwarda. In the summer of 2013 a group of Portland, Oregon musicians got together around the love of Talking Heads music. Especially that of the epic 1984 concert ...

Artist Spotlight: Matt Check, Cosmic Karma Read More
Artist Spotlight: Matt Check, Cosmic Karma

Matt Check, guitarist for Cosmic Karma, began his musical journey playing in his Father’s band at twelve years old. Learning at an early age to be part of a band and to let music breathe and flow, imp...

Going Modular Read More
Going Modular

It’s time for a new guitar amp. But this time, I’m going modular with a separate pre-amp, separate power amp, and separate speaker cabinet. The sound of a Fender Twin Reverb amp became a point of refe...

Artist Spotlight: Dusty Alander, Catfish John Read More
Artist Spotlight: Dusty Alander, Catfish John

Born out of the love and inspiration of their favorite Band, Catfish John is a collective of serious players looking to express their affection and respect for the music of The Grateful Dead. They are...

Artist Spotlight: Joshua Nodarse, Left on Wilson Read More
Artist Spotlight: Joshua Nodarse, Left on Wilson

Left On Wilson has been bringing tasty grooves to engage your ear holes and move your feet since 2016. Their well crafted original material spans time and space while carefully chosen covers freckle t...