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Liger 3.0

The PHRED instruments Liger 3.0 gets its inspiration from Doug Irwin's Tiger guitar, one of the iconic guitars played by Jerry Garcia. The Liger 3.0 is the successor to the Liger model with the Liger 3.0 featuring a 3-layer body.

Liger 3.0 offers the same kinds of upgrade options as our Liger guitar, such as: DiMarzio Super 2 and SDS-1 pickups, Schaller Locking Tuners, Brass Nut, custom brass plates, custom USA Wiring with Copper Foil shielding inside the electronics and pickup cavity, Kluson Harmonica Bridge, and a pre-amp bypass toggle switch.

The Liger 3.0 photos on this page show a Liger 3.0 with all of those upgrade options installed. Upgrade options are available to choose from below. If no upgrade options are selected, the Liger 3.0 will come with black plastic pickup mounting plate, black plastic 5-way rounded pickup toggle plate, black truss rod cover, stock wiring, stock Artec Sound pickups, stock electronics, stock gold hardware which include a standard tune-o-matic bridge, and the two output jacks will not have a mounting plate, but rather be on top of the guitar body.

Liger 3.0 is professionally setup with smooth and level frets, low action, and strung with D'Addario 10-46 strings for a smooth and clean feel all around.

Note: As of 4/22/2022, Liger 3.0 production runs will consist of a three layer Ash/Maple/Ash body.  The top and back finish and color will have a similar appearance to the Liger, but with  different wood grain than what's pictured on this page. These photos show a Liger 3.0 with zebrawood/ash/zebrawood, and zebrawood is currently in short supply.


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