Reprise Koa

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The Phred Instruments Reprise Koa is a small body archtop guitar: hand built, carved top and back, sides moulded and shaped to form, all solid woods, parallel bracing, kerfing, and fully hollow.

a hand carved koa top, koa back, and mahogany sides, the body is bound in maple on the top, back, and sides.

The flame maple neck with an ebony fingerboard is also bound by maple, and the maple binding goes all the way around the headstock.

Additional features include a nitro glossy finish, 24 frets, 25.5” scale length, and a arch top style neck joint.

include a dual humbucker setup with Seymour Duncan '59 pickups, discrete humbucker/split coil/parallel switches per pickup, and a 3-way pickup toggle. One main volume, and one tone control.

Our small team of expert luthiers overseas build jazz arch top guitars and every detail of Reprise Koa is drawn from that tradition.

Reprise Koa is professionally setup in California with low action and D'Addario 10-46 strings. The frets are leveled, dressed and milled for a nice smooth and clean feel all around. Hardware and Electronics are installed in California as well. 

Note: Reprise Koa photos represent one particular Reprise Koa from the production run. 


Reprise includes a Hard Shell Case, custom made for the PHRED instruments Reprise.


Wire the entire guitar with CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor, Switchcraft output jack(s), and a Switchcraft 3-way pickup selector switch.  Shielded Wiring helps with keeping out unwanted EMI noise from the guitar signal.
USA Rewiring for PHRED instruments Guitar


Choose from the following Seymour Duncan pickups. Four-conductor wiring and no logo on the pickups.

'59 Pickups (SH-1)Stag Mag Pickups (SH-3)
Seymour Duncan '59 pickupsSeymour Duncan Stag Mag SH-3 Pickups



Choose from the following Schaller M6, 6-inline tuning machine heads.
Schaller M6 Tuning Machine Heads on PHRED instruments Guitars


Brass saddles brighten the tone and improve sustain compared to bone saddles. Bone saddles available upon request at no additional charge.
ebony bridge with brass bridge saddles


Choose the electronics layout for your Reprise guitar.  Page Side places the volume, tone, and 3-way pickup toggle on the right side of the f-hole, with the mini toggles on the left side.  Rage Side places the volume and tone on the left side of the f-hole, with the 3-way pickup toggle and mini toggles on the right side. Rage Side electronics layout will require the bridge platform to have a carved out notch to provide clearance for the volume knob. Page Side Rage Side!

Reprise Electronics Layout

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Reprise - Introduction written by Josh Maxey

The idea of a great guitar getting made for the first time is a bit like an album. You have the raw material, your melodies, the forms, and where the solos will be. It all starts with a spark and once an aspect of the music takes shape, suddenly it has a life of its own and a beginning from which to proceed. If you’re lucky you might have another musician to work through the ideas with as they develop. In the bouncing back and forth, the album takes shape as a combination of the best of each musician.

Working with Freddy on the new Reprise model has been a special experience for me. It’s been as inspiring and creative as any album I’ve worked on. It started a year or so before production began with a question of if it were possible to take my DockStar which I love, and have it hand crafted and constructed like an arch top jazz guitar.

From everything I’ve seen, Freddy is always working behind the scenes on two main goals. One is that Phred customers have the best service experience possible. As a guitar teacher, I always want my students to have a great experience with the lessons. I know the study of music and a lesson time might be one of the highlights of a person’s day. I see that same adherence to caring about each individual with Phred Instruments. Phred guitars go out into the world and inspire people to take their next steps in music and no doubt bring joy to their owners and listeners. The other thing I’ve seen with Phred is a commitment to developing ideas and making the best instrument with the greatest value possible. Phred Instruments knows that we muciains need quality and inspiring instruments that are affordable.

The Reprise Koa offers something new. It's hand crafted by a small team of guitar makers. It has an arch top design with hand carved koa top and back, solid sides and striking maple binding. It is the realization of an idea. A hand crafted boutique guitar with a nod to tradition that is affordable for musicians.

Guitars are an extension of our musicianship. When we connect with an instrument it becomes a part of our sound. It vibrates with us and suggests the next notes or chords we play, along with responding to our imagination. The idea of a guitar being created to fulfill a dream is pretty exciting to me! There isn’t a guitar this size, shape and style with this quality of construction available from the big guitar companies.

Our idea was to create an instrument for all the musicians like myself that are looking for the best quality guitar with a nod to tradition while remaining its own individual instrument.

As the Reprise has taken shape, it’s form, themes and materials have added up to something more than their parts, just like a great album. I think having this guitar, with its concept and execution, is going to inspire many players to continue to realize their own musical dreams, write their next album, learn their next favorite song and take the next step in the unending path of music.

Josh Maxey

The fully hollow archtop body features a maple side, a solid koa back, and a solid koa top, with a dual humbucker setup, discrete split coil switches and a 3-way pickup toggle for 8 different tone combinations! There is one master volume and one master tone knob for dialing in your tone.  The guitar strings pass over a floating bridge that is not anchored to the guitar body. Similar to a violin, banjo or mandolin bridge, the bridge simply rests on top of the body and is held in place by string tension.  The ebony tailpiece is attached to the end of the guitar, holding the strings in place.  There is one 1/4" standard guitar output jack on the side of the guitar body.  Reprise ships inside a custom Hard Shell Case.

The maple core neck is set-in to the body with glue.  The back of the neck contour is a C-shape that feels somewhere in between a strat and an LP neck, not too thin, and not too chunky either.  The 2-octave ebony fingerboard has 24 medium jumbo frets which are leveled and milled here at our shop in Agoura Hills, California for a nice smooth feel along the edge of the fretboard and all around.  The fretboard features a 15 inch radius which is perfect for soloing and playing chords up and down the fretboard.  Topping off the fretboard are custom "powerful pill" pearloid inlays designed by PHRED instruments.  At the top of the neck, you'll find a bone nut for good sustain, with a tilt-back 6-inline headstock featuring our signature Phred Instruments logo.  Under the fretboard is the adjustable double-expanding truss rod, keeping the neck stable in any climate.

The PHRED instruments Reprise gets its inspiration from Trey Anastasio's Languedoc guitar.

Products specifications
Body StyleArchtop Hollow Body
Body Top WoodKoa
Body Rear WoodKoa
Body Side WoodMahogany
Bridge StyleFloating Tune-o-matic
Stop Tailpiece StyleArchtop Wood
Neck WoodMaple
Fretboard WoodEbony
Frets24 Medium Jumbo
Scale Length25 1/2"
Fretboard Radius14 inch
Nut Width1 11/16"
Nut MaterialBone
Fretboard InlaysPearloid Design
Neck BindingMaple
Neck StabilizationDouble-Expanding Truss Rod
Headstock BindingMaple
Tuning MachinesSchaller M6 Tuning Machines
Neck PickupSeymour Duncan
Neck Pickup ColorChrome
Neck Pickup Toggle SwitchMini Toggle (Series/Split/Parallel)
Bridge PickupSeymour Duncan
Bridge Pickup ColorChrome
Bridge Pickup Toggle SwitchMini Toggle (Series/Split/Parallel)
Control Knobs and Toggles
Volume Knob(s)Master Volume Knob
Tone Knob(s)Master Tone Knob
Pickup Toggle3-way Pickup Toggle
Output Jack(s)One Mono Ouput Jack
Other Specs
Guitar StringsD'Addario EXL 110 Nickel Wound 10-46
DimensionsApprox 40.5" (h) x 13.5" (w) x 1 7/8" (d). Body depth (thickness) is measured from the side of the body.
Weight5.1 lbs (weight will vary slightly depending on selected options)
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Guitar setup

Professional Setup and Feel

To ensure that we deliver high quality playability and tone, one of our master guitar techs in the Los Angeles area meticulously inspects your guitar from headstock to the bottom strap button, and performs a setup to make your PHRED guitar feel comfortable to play. You can look forward to smooth level frets without any sharp edges, low string action, and adjusted intonation.  If you have a specific request for your guitar setup, just let us know.  All upgrade options purchased with this guitar are installed by our techs in Los Angeles while your guitar is getting a setup.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Purchase a PHRED guitar with peace of mind.  We will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with your PHRED guitar when it arrives.  However, because our products are customized, all sales are final.  Our warranty outlines situations where we will honor an exchange.

Left Handed guitars by PHRED instruments

Custom Builds for Left Handed Guitar Players

We do custom builds for left handed guitar players. In the Additional Notes text area above, just type in that you would like this guitar made left-handed.  There is no additional charge for left handed Phred guitars, but expect a 4-6 month build time. 


Shipping Options for PHRED guitars
Shipping Methods

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Package Tracking

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All guitars ship with a tracking number which will be emailed to you at the time of shipping. You will receive one email from PHRED instruments and possibly a second or third email from the shipping company and/or the place from which you purchased if it was other than the PHRED instruments website.


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Packaging without a Case
Packaging (without a hardshell case)

PHRED instruments guitars are placed inside a foam sleeve which is placed inside a corrugated guitar box with Styrofoam support for the guitar neck and bubble wrap around the bottom, top and sides of the guitar. The guitar box is sealed with clear tape and then wrapped with a second layer of corrugated cardboard and sealed with clear tape to add stability and strength to the shipping box.

Packaging with Case
Packaging (with a hardshell case)

PHRED instruments guitars are placed inside the hardshell case, the hardshell case is placed inside a plastic sleeve, and then placed inside a shipping box with cardboard end pieces, providing a protective air gap.

Damaged Package

What to do if there is Damaged upon Delivery

While it is extremely rare, there is a plan in place just in case things go wrong with the delivery. If your shipping box arrives with damage to the box (holes, tears, cuts, etc.), please take pictures of the box and email those photos to us. If possible, please also contact UPS (1-800-PICK-UPS) immediately to report it. If the guitar arrives with damage as well, please contact us immediately to arrange for a return request. We will need to setup a damage claim request with UPS and either tell UPS to pickup the package from your location, or have you return the package back to us.

Return Guitar

Return and Refund Policy

Purchase a PHRED guitar with peace of mind.  We will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with your PHRED guitar when it arrives.  However, because our products are customized, all sales are final.  Our warranty outlines situations where we will honor an exchange.

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Usually it takes anywhere from 4-6 months for a production run to be complete.  What determines that time frame is usually the total amount of guitars in the production run, time to source materials, hardware and electronics, and unexpected delays. The time is takes to complete a production run is not the same as the time it will take to fulfill your pre-order.  Contact us to learn more about our production schedule and pre-order fulfillment times.

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