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The neck feels really great and its plays really quick.
This guitar is awesome. The achievable tone with this thing is outstanding. The neck feels really great and its plays really quick. Customer service was also great with quick response times and a friendly attitude. I would recommend this guitar to any Trey/Phish fans. Great guitar. Great customer service. Two thumbs up.
Tranum Fitzpatrick | 12/10/2015 6:07 AM
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Out of the box, I had to do no setup work besides tuning it up to pitch.
Out of the box, I had to do no setup work besides tuning it up to pitch. The only mods I did to get it gig ready were a piece of orange tape so as not to confuse the output jacks. I also put a thick rubber washer over the top strap button.

Billy Voight
Guitar World Magazine  26065
Billy Voight | 1/4/2016 6:11 AM
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Can't Say Enough About This Guitar
I came across this guitar after playing a few hollow bodies but not being 100% sold on their tone.  Was a little nervous buying a guitar I hadn't played before, but the return policy was lenient and Feddy seemed very easy to work with, so I took the plunge.  I have had it for several weeks now and cannot express how happy I am with the purchase.  It's capable of producing that distinct Trey tone, as well as about pretty much anything else you can imagine.  The hollow body gives a great resonant quality to the sound, but without sacrificing the punch.  Sounds amazing clean, and really starts to bark if you run it through a tube screamer (or similar pedal).  The three-way toggle and split coil switches for the humbuckers let you achieve anything from warm jazzy tones to much heavier stuff, and everything in between.  They set the guitar up for you before shipping it, and the benefits are immediately apparent.  It is completely effortless to play.  In summary, this guitar sounds wonderful (exactly what I was looking for), looks wonderful, and even smells wonderful.  You get a whole lot of guitar for the price.  I have the stock model, for what it is worth.  Might upgrade it in the future, but am perfectly happy with how it is as of now.  Only negative to the whole experience is that it takes a long time to ship, so be prepared for a wait even if you are not having a custom build.  It is worth it once it arrives, and the customer service was outstanding at every step of the process.  I look forward to doing business with Phred guitars in the future.
| 11/7/2018 4:54 PM
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