Production Schedule

2021-2022 Guitar Production Schedule

This page has been updated on November 14, 2022.  Please view the Availability information that's listed on each guitar page.   

DockStar 2022 Production Run.  The following DockStar production run has arrived.  DockStars currently in the pre-order queue are going straight into the Setup Queue until the queue locations are updated. 

  • DockStar Koa
  • DockStar Flame Maple (sold-out)
  • DockStar Koa Vintage Burst (sold-out)
  • DockStar Rosewood (sold-out)
  • DockStar K2
  • DockStar Koa Blue
  • DockStar Flame Maple Tobacco Burst

DockStar 2022, Second Production Run.  The following DockStar production is nearly completed:

  • DockStar Koa
  • DockStar Koa Blue
  • DockStar Flame Maple
  • DockStar K2

Reprise 2021-2022 Production Runs:

  • A Reprise and Reprise Dark Amber production run has recently arrived. There is currently one Reprise unspoken for.  Please email for photos.   
  • A few Reprise Koa guitars have arrived as well to fulfill pre-orders.  There are currently additional Reprise Koa guitars in production to fulfill pre-orders.

Reprise and Reprise Koa 2022 Production Run.  The following Reprise guitars are in production and unspoken for, and the production run is nearly completed:

  • Reprise
  • Reprise Dark Amber
  • Reprise Tobacco Burst (NEW!)
  • Reprise Koa

The following guitars have arrived to fulfill pre-orders and a few of them are still unspoken for:

  • DeadBolt
  • DeadBolt-ON. A bolt on DeadBolt with a grey burst finish (New!)
  • Liger
  • Liger 3.0 (ash/maple/ash 3-layered body)
  • Wolph (sold out)
  • Wolph NT "Neck Through"  (Glossy Finish, 7 layer ash/walnut body) (sold out)
  • Ernesto Koa Brown Burst
  • Ernesto Flame Maple Blonde
  • Ernesto Flame Maple Tobacco Burst
  • Micro DeadBolt
  • Ace
  • SB500 (New!)
  • Phusion
  • Blade (New!)
  • Panda Bass.  A 6-string short scale bass (New!)
  • Ashbury. A maple neck through with laminte ash and walnut body, with 3 humbuckers, pre-amp, and OBEL. (New!)
  • DC39 Natrual Ash
  • DC39 Brown Burst Ash

The following guitars are currently in production as of August 2022:

  • Wolph NT
  • Ace
  • Ashbury
  • Blade
  • Blue Wolph
  • Brown Wolph (Left Handed) *SOLD
  • DeadBolt (Left Handed) *SOLD
  • Micro DeadBolt (Left Handed) *SOLD
  • Ace (Left Handed) * SOLD

R2 2021 Production Run.  There are five R2 guitars in the current production run.  Please contact us if you are interested in getting one of the following R2 guitars that are available:

  • Koa #1 (Pre-sold)
  • Koa #2 (Pre-Sold)
  • Walnut (Pre-Sold)
  • Flame Maple/Padauk (Pre-Sold)
  • Flame Maple/Flame Maple  (Available)

Maxey Archtops

Two Half Note guitars and one Night Owl have arrived to our storage office.  Both Half Note guitars have been pre-sold, one has already shipped out to its new owner.

Half Note is currently a built to order guitar.  Contact us if you're interested in getting a Half Note archtop.

Night Owl is a new Maxey Archtop model featuring a double cut-away design, with a spruce top and flame maple back.  More info and photos should be available soon.  We're excited to share this new model with you!


PHRED instruments guitars are built in small batches. Don't miss out, Reserve your guitar today! 


How long does it take for a production run to be completed?

Usually it takes anywhere from 6-8 months for a production run to be complete.  What determines that time frame is usually the total amount of guitars in the production run, time to source materials, hardware and electronics, and unexpected delays. Contact us to learn more about our production schedule.

How long does it take to receive a Phred guitar after ordering?

Customers who placed their order in 2021 have been waiting 12+ months, because the order queue has many orders from 2021.  Orders placed from June 2022, are estimated to be fulfilled in 12 months. 

Reserve your guitar from the next batch by pre-ordering today!

By ordering a guitar, your order is placed into our order queue system.  Orders are processed in the order in which they are received.  When it's time to work on your order, we will do a fret level, crown, polish and setup, and install any options you selected.  Your guitar will be test, boxed up and shipped to you. 


Product labels explained (Currently not in use at this time.  Please contact us for delivery estimates, stock status, and further information regarding production statuses as stated above):


There are a few in stock and unspoken for.  This label is automatically updated based on inventory numbers on the backend. 



This either means there are none in stock, or that all in stock have been spoken for. This label is manually updated by us.



This is currently in production. This label is manually updated to let you know when a particular model is in production. Note that a particular item can be in production, and also in stock.



Currently not in stock, or that all of them have been spoken for, and also not in production. This label is manually updated to let you know when a particular model is not in stock, and also not in production. 


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