Phrequently Asked Questions

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Where are PHRED instruments guitar made?

PHRED instruments guitars are crafted in China and setup in Los Angeles, CA. The Custom Shop Stratus model is built in the USA. 

Do PHRED instruments guitars ship with a case or gig bag?
You do have the option to purchase a hard shell case, custom made for your PHRED guitar by G and G Quality Case Co. If you do not order your guitar with a case then it will ship with bubble wrap inside a triangular shaped cardboard guitar box which is wrapped with 2-3 layers of cardboard.

Are there any other hardshell case recommendations for the Ernesto VH and VH3 series:
Check out the Gretsch G6238 Hardshell Case, or the SKB 4214 ATA Electric Guitar Case with Open Cavity.

Setup and Inspection
PHRED Instruments guitars are professionally setup and inspected prior to shipping. Setup will include string-height adjustment, intonation, and electronics inspection, and may include fret leveling and fret dressing as needed.

Is it possible to ship a PHRED instruments guitar outside the USA?
Yes. We ship internationally via the United States Postal Service Priority International Mail.  You may need to pay additional import and VAT taxes upon delivery to the respective organization of the country in which you reside.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

What brand and model of pickups are installed?
Pickups for PHRED instruments guitars are made by a Korean company named Artec Sound. Below is a list of the models and the guitars that have them.

Pickup Manufacturer Model PHRED instruments Guitars
Artec Sound HBC-115 BK
(Ceramic, 4 conductor/shield)
Liger, Wolph, LP3, Deadbolt, V3
Artec Sound LPC-210 BK
(Ceramic, 4 conductor/shield)
Ernesto VH, Ernesto VH3, Tella
Artec Sound SSC-12 WH
(Ceramic, Single Coil)


What brand are the tuners?
The tuners are made by a Korean company called Jinho. Some of the tuners have the Wilkinson brand name on them.

What brand of stop tail-piece and bridge are used?
These parts are unbranded and made in either Korea or China.

What gauge strings are installed and which brand is used?

10-42 gauge guitar strings are installed, and the guitar strings are made by D'Addario.

Can the pickups be changed out before shipping?

We offer pickup replacements as an options. However, we recommended to order the guitar with stock pickups. This way, you can hear the stock pickups on the guitar and then hear any differences if you decide to change them down the road.

Can a PHRED instruments guitar be ordered without any hardware, electronics or paint?

While this is certainly possible, the logistics are not in place to provide customized guitars or unfinished guitar kits.

Then, what sort of things can be customized or requested on a PHRED instruments guitar?

Please inquire about all special requests that are not available as options on our website.

Are there any discounts for purchasing more than one guitar?

Yes. Please inquire about discounts for purchasing more than one guitar.

Do you offer discounts for students, military, or veterans?

Yes. Please inquire about discounts if either of these currently apply to you. Proof will be required upon purchase.

Where can I try out a PHRED instruments guitar before purchasing one?

If you are in the Los Angeles area you can schedule an appointment to try out a guitar before purchasing one. There are currently no stores that sell PHRED instruments guitars outside of Los Angeles.

Is it possible to become a reseller of PHRED instruments guitars?

Yes. Please contact us.

What does OBEL mean?

OBEL stands for On-Board Effects Loop. It is a wiring design on the guitar with a separate stereo output jack (similar to an effects send on an amp) that allows the output from the pickups to go directly to effects pedals and then back into the guitar. The purpose for this is to allow for volume knob adjustments on the guitar after being processed by effects. You may notice that distortion and envelope filters respond differently with pre-effect volume adjustments. Using an OBEL allows for consistent response from your effects pedals/processors at any guitar volume.

How does the OBEL connect to the amp and effects?

OBEL Diagram