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Pedal of the Day

Pedal of the Day

Whether you're shopping for your first guitar or bass effects pedal or looking to add some new sounds to your pedal board or collection, Pedal of the Day reviews a different guitar or bass effects pedal daily for your enjoyment. On their website you can read up on guitar effects pedal reviews and interviews with gutiar players and effects pedal companies, while their YouTube channel has over 500 effects pedal demo videos divided into different playlists for different types of effects pedals, such as:

• Modulation
• Wah and Filter
• Fuzz, Boost
• Overdrive and Distortion
• Reverb and Delay
• Octave
• Phaser and Flanger
• Chorus
• Vibrato and Tremolo
• Compression and Sustain
• Acoustic, Bass, etc.

Recently, Pedal of the Day acquired an Ernesto Koa Brown Burst Guitar to use on their effects pedal demo videos. Below are some of their recent demos in which the Ernesto Koa Brown Burst was used.

Ernesto Koa Brown Burst

Electro-Harmonix Blurst Modulated Filter Demo

RPS Effects Bit Reactor Bit Crusher Downsampler Guitar Effect Demo

Chase Bliss Audio Thermae Analog Delay Pitch Shift Effects Pedal Demo

To make sure you don’t miss an effects pedal review, follow and subscribe to Pedal of the Day on either of their social media accounts below.

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