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MEET YOUR MAKER: Freddy Rose of PHRED Instruments

MEET YOUR MAKER: Freddy Rose of PHRED Instruments

In this installment of “Meet Your Maker,” Performer catches up with Freddy Rose of PHRED Instruments to chat about how he began making guitars and some of the features on his most popular models.

"I had been modding off-the-shelf electric guitars for personal use, and years before PHRED Instruments, I had asked a local luthier to work with me on designing a custom guitar from the ground up.  That guitar ended up being very costly, but watching a guitar take shape from blocks of wood was truly a magical experience.  With continued fascination, it was still years after that I started searching for another custom guitar builder, this time overseas.  That’s how PHRED Instruments got started in 2011, and interest in the guitars themselves began to spread." - Freddy Rose

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