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Half Note

The Maxey Archtops Half Note is a 17” jazz guitar. Each hand carved spruce top is individually crafted for acoustic quality. The process creates a complex tone that will respond to your playing, while surrounding the fundamental pitch with overtones and beautiful sustain.

The back wood is hand carved book matched flame maple, shaped to resonate. The sides are bent matching flame maple. The guitar has a 3” depth in the tradition of some of the most important guitars in jazz history.

Construction method is at the center of the Maxey Archtops approach. Hand crafted instruments are one of a kind and made specifically to order. Our luthiers shape the materials to emphasize the strengths of the woods, making each guitar’s tone vibrant, and finished with nitrocellulose lacquer. The Half Note is as unique as the musician who plays it. A responsive and inspiring guitar becomes a part of your voice and approach to your music. It is an extension of the guitarist’s creativity and helps the player to tell their own story.

Maxey Archtops is the collaborative archtop division of Phred Instruments. Our guitars are hand crafted by a master lutheir shop overseas. Our makers are artisan builders in a long and historic line of finely crafted Chinese arts and bring a timeless and unique quality to each masterfully built instrument. They are responsible for the woodwork, gluing and Nitro finish of the Half Note. The design, electronics assembly, fretwork, hardware and setup is done in Los Angeles, CA, USA. 

Josh Maxey is based in Denver, CO. You can make an appointment to play a MA guitar locally. Josh is a jazz guitarist. You’ll find 10+ albums under his name and on NYC jazz label, Miles High Records. His music has been played around the world on jazz radio. Josh teaches full time online private lessons and group classes as a part of his Guitar Heads School as well as being the creator of Phish Guitar Heads, an online guitar study community with 2700+ members.


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