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    • Where are PHRED instruments guitar made?

      Our guitar workshop is located in the Agoura Hills area of Southern California. Our guitar factory is located in China. Guitars are made in China from woods, electronics, and hardware which are sourced from around the world, and then delivered to our workshop in small batches throughout the year. Each guitar is then setup by one of our guitar techs in our workshop to ensure smooth and level frets, low string height, proper truss rod adjustment and accurate intonation. Upon the completion of a setup, the pickup heights are adjusted, the electronics are double checked and the entire guitar is inspected and tested before it's ready to ship. If you choose any of our add-on options, those are installed in our workshop.

      The Stratus Custom Shop (USA) model and R2 Model are built in the USA.

    • Do PHRED instruments guitars ship inside a case or gig bag?

      You do have the option to purchase a hard shell case, custom made for your PHRED guitar. If you do not order your guitar with a case then it will ship with bubble wrap inside a triangular shaped cardboard guitar box which is wrapped with 2-3 layers of cardboard.

    • Are there any other hardshell case recommendations for the Ernesto VH and VH3 series?

      Check out the Gretsch G6238 Hardshell Case, or the SKB 4214 ATA Electric Guitar Case with Open Cavity.

    • Do you ship Phred guitars outside the USA?

      Yes. We ship internationally via the United States Postal Service Priority International Mail.  You may need to pay additional import and VAT taxes upon delivery to the respective organization of the country in which you reside.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

    • How do I order a left handed guitar?

      We can custom make any of our guitars for left handed guitar players. Left handed guitars are built to order and there is no additional charge. However, the wait time can be 6-9 months, depending on where we are at in a production run cycle. To place your order for a left handed guitar, simply type in the Additional Notes text area that you would like the guitar made as a left handed guitar and we will see that when your order is received.

    • Where do PHRED instruments guitars ship from?

      PHRED instruments guitars ship out from Agoura Hills in Southern California.