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  • Hollowbody and Archtop Guitars


    • Is the bridge platform glued to the body?

      The bridge platform on the DockStar, Reprise and R2 guitar is not glued down onto the body.  It floats on top of the guitar and is held in place by down pressue from the strings.  For string changes, we recommend changing strings one at a time or using blue painters tape to secure the bridge to the guitar prior to changing all the strings.  If you'd like us to secure the bridge platform to the guitar, we can use really thin double sided tape, but it's typically not necessary and not recommend.

      The Ernesto guitar bridge platform is secured in place with an anchor screw on one side of the bridge platform that is also used to ground the strings. The bridge is not glued or taped to the guitar.

      As for string grounding on the DockStar, Reprise, and R2, the strings are grounded through the tailpiece.