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The PHRED instruments DeadBolt gets its inspiration from Steve Cripe's Lightning Bolt, one of the iconic guitars played by Jerry Garcia in the 1990s. The body features a triple humbucker setup mounted in a custom pickup plate, with discrete split coil switches and a 5-way pickup toggle for 14 different tone combinations! DeadBolt is professionally setup with low action and D'Addario 10-46 strings, and the frets are leveled and milled here at our shop in California for a nice smooth and clean feel all around.

Select which hardware color you'd prefer for the tuners, bridge, tailpiece and knobs.  Tuners, bridge, tailpiece and knobs will coordinate on the same color.  Gold knobs will have abalone tops.  Black and chrome knobs will not have abalone tops. 

Protect your guitar with a Hard Shell Case. Case dimensions are approximately 42"x15"x5".

G&G Quality Hard Shell Case

Re-wire the entire guitar with vintage cloth wiring, CTS pots, Orange Drop Capacitor, Switchcraft output jacks, and a CRL 5-way pickup lever switch.  In addition to upgrading your tone, you'll get smoother turning knobs and a more fluid pickup toggle selector.
USA Re-wire and Upgrade Electronics

Choose from the following options when rewiring the electronics.

Replace the stock bone nut with a brass nut to enhance the guitar's natural sustain and brightness.
Brass Nut

Replaces the stock pickups with DiMarzio or Seymour Duncan Pickups, with 4-conductor wiring, black color (other colors and covers may be requested for additional charge).
DiMarzio Super 2 Pickups

Shield the Guitar Pickup Cavity Route with Copper Foil Tape.

Replaces the standard stock tuning machine heads with Schaller M6, 3 per side, black tuning machine heads.
Schaller M6 Tuning Machines

Replace the stock bridge with one of the following options.

This sticker will be affixed to the guitar prior to shipping unless otherwise requested. Stickers are created by
DeadBolt stickers

Please add any additional notes in the text area below.


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Use Down Payment Code 50PercentDownPayment at checkout to make a 50% down payment on your purchase. The remaining balance will be due when your order goes into our Setup Queue.

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The contoured body features a triple humbucker setup mounted in a custom pickup plate, with discrete split coil switches and a 5-way pickup toggle for 14 different tone combinations! There is one master volume and 3 discrete tone knobs, allowing you to dial in tone that goes from dark and muddy to crisp and bright.  There are two 1/4" output jacks on the top of the body.  One of them is a standard guitar output to plug in a standard guitar cable.  The other output is used for the built-in on board effects loop (OBEL), allowing you to gain further control of the sound coming from your effects pedals.  Scroll down below to read up on the benefits of having an OBEL equipped guitar.  On the back of the guitar, there is a large and accessible electronics cavity and a 9V battery box that powers the internal built-in preamp.  The built-in pre-amp boosts the signal a small amount and lowers the output resistance so that the signal is better preserved along the guitar cable to your amp. The DeadBolt body shape can fit inside a form fitted stratocaster case, but we also offer a custom hard shell case to go with the DeadBolt.

The maple core neck is attached to the body using very strong wood glue.  The back of the neck contour is a C-shape that feels somewhere in between a strat and an LP neck, not too thin, and not too chunky either.  The 2-octave ebony fingerboard has 24 medium jumbo frets which are leveled and milled here at our shop in California for a nice smooth feel along the edge of the fretboard.  The fretboard features a 12 inch radius which is perfect for soloing and playing chords up and down the fretboard.  Topping off the fretboard are custom inlays which are inspired by Doug Irwin's Tiger guitar fingerboard inlays.  At the top of the neck, you'll find a bone nut for good sustain, and white binding all around the fingerboard for a clean look and feel.  The tilt-back 3+3 headstock shape is inspired by Cripe's headstock with some visual design changes.  Under the fretboard is the adjustable double-expanding truss rod, keeping the neck stable in any climate.

Products specifications
Body StyleSolid Body
Body WoodNorth American Ash
Bridge StyleTune-o-matic
Stop Tailpiece Style1950s style
Neck WoodMaple
Fretboard WoodEbony
Frets24 Medium Jumbo
Scale Length25 1/2"
Fretboard Radius12 inch
Nut Width1 11/16"
Nut MaterialBone
Fretboard InlaysPearloid Design
Neck BindingWhite with Black Dots
Neck StabilizationDouble-Expanding Truss Rod
Headstock BindingNone
Tuning MachinesUnbranded House Brand
Neck PickupHumbucker (4-wire)
Neck Pickup ColorBlack
Neck Pickup Toggle SwitchMini Toggle (Series/Split Coil)
Middle PickupHumbucker (4-wire)
Middle Pickup ColorBlack
Middle Pickup Toggle SwitchMini Toggle (Series/Split Coil)
Bridge PickupHumbucker (4-wire)
Bridge Pickup ColorBlack
Bridge Pickup Toggle SwitchMini Toggle (Series/Split Coil)
Control Knobs and Toggles
Volume Knob(s)Master Volume Knob
Volume Knob(s) NotesMaster volume knob is wired post-OBEL
Tone Knob(s)Multiple Tone Knobs
Tone Knob(s) NotesDiscrete tone knob for each pickup
Pickup Toggle5-way Pickup Toggle
Electronics and Wiring
Pre-amp / BufferYes (Requires 9V battery)
On Board Effects Loop (OBEL)Yes
Battery BoxYes (9V Battery Included)
Electronics and Wiring NotesOBEL is wired to use external FX pre-volume knob (requires split stereo Y-cable or junction box with stereo cable)
Output Jack(s)One Mono and One OBEL Output
Output Jack(s) NotesPlugging a guitar cable into the mono output powers on the pre-amp
Other Specs
Guitar StringsD'Addario EXL 110 Nickel Wound 10-46
Dimensions39" (h) x 12" (w) x 1.75" (d)
WeightApproximately 8 lbs
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A nicely built guitar with that great bolt body and neck shape that plays nice and easy.
A nicely built guitar with that great bolt body and neck shape that plays nice and easy. Although Phred's guitars seems a bit on the small side (I'm a big guy), the sound of the guitar with the stock pickups sound pleasing...All in all, its a decent guitar for the $600 price. If you are looking for the shape, i don't think you could loose.

Mik Bondy
The Garcia Project
Mik Bondy | 2/10/2015 9:06 AM
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Today I've fallen in love with my DeadBolt.
Today I've fallen in love with my DeadBolt. It came at 11:30 this morning. I was making lunch I opened it and put it on a stand and ate looking at it. About 12:15 I started playing it and did not stop for 2 and a half hours. When my bro showed up he started playing it and wants one. I played it on my vibro champ first then my pro reverb then my hot rod deluxe sounded great on all three best on the deluxe. The tuners work great the pickups sound as good as the 3 paf humbuckers on my 76 Les Paul Custom. Well my first opinion is it was well worth waiting for. Thanks for making this guitar. A pleasure doing Business with you.
Kris Lambert | 2/28/2016 5:44 PM
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Thank you so much for such beautiful guitar.
Thank you so much for such beautiful guitar. I am completely blown away with every thing about my guitar. And my gang of musicians are in awe, so impressed.
John Skinner | 4/16/2016 6:34 AM
Was this review helpful? Yes No (3/0)
I've been using it completely stock and just love its tone and playability.
What I can say about Phred Instruments beyond what you see and hear online from the many other satisfied guitarists using one. Well, that would be the FEEL of these guitars, they are just so playable! Having a handcrafted instrument in my collection that cost ten times more, the very affordable Deadbolt is every bit as functional and easy to play... and much lighter too. Of course, for a serious player, there is always room for upgrades, but I must say that the sound that this guitar produces right out of the box is comparable to a much higher-end instrument. I've been using it completely stock and just love its tone and playability. To me a good guitar is determined by the way it makes me play, leaving nothing between me and the instrument. The Phred Deadbolt has all the Mojo I need to achieve a higher level of playing. Order one today, you'll be glad that you did!

Tom San Filippo
Half Step / Tiger Rose
Tom San Filippo | 9/9/2016 2:49 PM
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Not enough time in a day to explore the endless possibilities with such a wonderful instrument.
The Deadbolt it amazing.  It's sounds great but more importantly for me it plays well.  I love it.  Thank you very much for delivering such a nice instrument.  Well worth the wait.  I play it every Sunday at my church in with an audience of about 1,000.  During the week I enjoy playing all those great Jerry tunes with it.  

The OBEL is another amazing feature.  So far my friends that have played the instrument are impressed with what the OBEL delivers.  Anybody playing without one is living in the past.  Paired with the MXR Phaser, a Mutron III, a tube amp with the drive set around 50% the sound can't be beat.  I'm also using it with a Line 6 Helix.   Not enough time in a day to explore the endless possibilities with such a wonderful instrument.   Thank you for all your hard work..........the VH is awesome also.  Not sure I'll ever master You Enjoy Myself but still enjoying dreaming with it and the Deadbolt.
John Sakoff | 9/18/2017 7:59 AM
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Dead Bolt
I am very happy with my purchase.  This guitar is high-quality and a nice addition to my collection.  I am a gigging musician have been recently doing some Dead tribute shows and that led me to this guitar.  I was skeptical because I own some very high-end guitars like PRS McCarty Hollowbody, USA Strat, USA Telecaster, Gibson SG, etc.  This guitar hangs just fine with my others.   I upgraded mine a bit with the Schaller tuners, brass plates, and the american rewire.  I have the stock pickups and they sound really good.  Love the pre-amp and the sound through my deluxe reverb amp.  If you are on the fence, go for it.  I think you could buy this guitar with no upgrades and be fine, but be sure to check out all of the cool upgrade options.  If you are planning to gig with the guitar, I think the USA re-wire is a no brainer.
Clayton Bonjean | 11/30/2017 6:20 AM
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Just received the guitar and it is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. Totally worth the wait!!!!
richard shinn | 2/23/2021 9:02 AM
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Well worth the wait
I just recently received my Deadbolt guitar after an extended wait time due to the pandemic of 2020. I have to say it was well worth the wait and the cost for all the upgrades. This is the best guitar I've played and the set-up with the neck, action, intonation, etc was spot on. The DiMarzio active pick-ups are hot. Now I just need to get the OBEL Hub Bub and cable to really dial in that sweet Jerry tone.
Andrew Smith | 8/10/2021 6:36 AM
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Feels just so good
I don't normally buy guitars for their looks. As someone who writes music rather than performs it, what I am really looking for is the widest sound palette possible.

But, it has to be said, this guitar was bought primarily for its looks - I have always wanted that horned Jerry SG look for less than $10,000 - and this is a lot less than $10,000, although you couldn't probably tell that from playing it.

I wasn't involved in the ordering process, but my wife says Fred was just magnificent. I just came in at the gimmee, gimmee! phase.

Well, it sure is spectacularly beautiful and it feels like tens of thousands of dollars to the touch - it has the lowest action I have ever played, and the construction of a guitar has to be made with precision for that. And it arrived in tune: never had that before!

The basic sound is exactly what I expected it to be from the demos: to my ears, a mix of a Les Paul and a Gretsch, with that truncated Jerry Garcia super-articulation.

I knew what I wanted to record with it and there was that spot-on sound straight out of the box. I haven't used the OBEL loop-the-loop thing, but as I am not performing live, it's not that essential. Still, it's a kick and I may well buy the OBEL peddle anyway, just because.

Just such a gorgeous, well-made guitar, and frankly a better guitar than I would ever aspire to. It's action is so low, in fact, that it keeps tripping me up until I can get used to it.

It's been a wonderful experience from ordering it to playing it, and my wife insists on buying another one from PHRED next year - the Trey hollow-bodied guitar in natural wood.

Oh OK, if we have to ...

Nick Namaqui
Nick Namaqui | 12/25/2022 5:14 PM
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Guitar setup

Professional Setup and Feel

To ensure that we deliver high quality playability and tone, one of our master guitar techs in the Los Angeles area meticulously inspects your guitar from headstock to the bottom strap button, and performs a setup to make your PHRED guitar feel comfortable to play. You can look forward to smooth level frets without any sharp edges, low string action, and adjusted intonation.  If you have a specific request for your guitar setup, just let us know.  All upgrade options purchased with this guitar are installed by our techs in Los Angeles while your guitar is getting a setup.

Satisfaction Guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Purchase a PHRED guitar with peace of mind.  We will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with your PHRED guitar when it arrives.  However, because our products are customized, all sales are final.  Our warranty outlines situations where we will honor an exchange.

Left Handed guitars by PHRED instruments

Custom Builds for Left Handed Guitar Players

We do custom builds for left handed guitar players. In the Additional Notes text area above, just type in that you would like this guitar made left-handed.  There is no additional charge for left handed Phred guitars, but expect a 4-6 month build time. 


Shipping Options for PHRED guitars
Shipping Methods

If you live inside the continental USA, your guitar will ship via UPS Ground. If you live in Hawaii, your guitar will likely ship UPS 3 day. If you live outside of the USA, your guitar will likely ship via the United States Post Office. You may request FedEx shipping if you prefer FedEx delivery.


Package Tracking

Shipping Notification via Email

All guitars ship with a tracking number which will be emailed to you at the time of shipping. You will receive one email from PHRED instruments and possibly a second or third email from the shipping company and/or the place from which you purchased if it was other than the PHRED instruments website.


Phred International Shipping
International Shipping and Delivery Charges

Shipping charges are calculated at checkout for international shipping. If you live outside the USA, there may be additional import charges added at the time you receive your guitar. These charges are unknown to PHRED instruments, LLC, and will not be reimbursed by PHRED instruments, LLC.

Packaging without a Case
Packaging (without a hardshell case)

PHRED instruments guitars are placed inside a foam sleeve which is placed inside a corrugated guitar box with Styrofoam support for the guitar neck and bubble wrap around the bottom, top and sides of the guitar. The guitar box is sealed with clear tape and then wrapped with a second layer of corrugated cardboard and sealed with clear tape to add stability and strength to the shipping box.

Packaging with Case
Packaging (with a hardshell case)

PHRED instruments guitars are placed inside the hardshell case, the hardshell case is placed inside a plastic sleeve, and then placed inside a shipping box with cardboard end pieces, providing a protective air gap.

Damaged Package

What to do if there is Damaged upon Delivery

While it is extremely rare, there is a plan in place just in case things go wrong with the delivery. If your shipping box arrives with damage to the box (holes, tears, cuts, etc.), please take pictures of the box and email those photos to us. If possible, please also contact UPS (1-800-PICK-UPS) immediately to report it. If the guitar arrives with damage as well, please contact us immediately to arrange for a return request. We will need to setup a damage claim request with UPS and either tell UPS to pickup the package from your location, or have you return the package back to us.

Return Guitar

Return and Refund Policy

Purchase a PHRED guitar with peace of mind.  We will make every effort to ensure that you are happy with your PHRED guitar when it arrives.  However, because our products are customized, all sales are final.  Our warranty outlines situations where we will honor an exchange.

Recently Uploaded YouTube Videos

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This guitar is equipped with an On Board Effects Loop (OBEL).

What does OBEL stand for?

OBEL stands for On-Board Effects Loop. It is a wiring design inside the guitar which uses a separate 1/4" stereo jack to allow the direct output from the pickups to go to effects pedals and then back into the guitar for post-effects volume control. The purpose of the OBEL is to allow for volume adjustments on the guitar after being processed by effects. You may notice that distortion and envelope filters respond differently with volume adjustments on a standard electric guitar. Using an OBEL allows for consistent response from your effects pedals/processors at any guitar volume.

Below is an example showing the PHRED instruments Wolph guitar connected to an amp and effects chain with the OBEL.

In this example, the Wolph guitar has a mono guitar cable plugged directly into the guitar amp.  The other guitar cable is a stereo 1/4" guitar cable that plugs into a Hard Truckers Junction Box (SP-1 'Y' Junction Box), other junction boxes will work as well.  At the send of the junction box, one mono guitar patch cable plugs into the input of the first effect in the pedal chain (Mutron III).  The effects chain uses standard guitar patch cables to connect each effect.  The output of the last effects pedal connects to the return of the junction box.  The OBEL bypass mini-toggle is used to either bypass or use the effects loop.

Wolph guitar with OBEL Diagram

What is required to use the OBEL?

We recommend to use a junction box with a stereo 1/4" guitar cable to connect the guitar to a junction box (a stereo Y-cable can be used instead). A junction box looks like an effects pedal.  It has a 1/4" stereo input jack on one side, which is where the stereo guitar cable from the guitar's OBEL jack plugs into.  The other side of the junction box has 2 mono 1/4" jacks.  One of those jacks is a send to the input of your effects the other is a return from the output of your effects.  Using one mono guitar fx patch cable, connect the send from the junction box into the input of your first effect pedal, and the the return from the junction box plugs into the output of your last effects pedal in the chain.

Can an OBEL equipped guitar be plugged in like a standard electric guitar with one cable using just the mono guitar output?

Yes, you do not have to use the OBEL in order to plug in your guitar to your effects.  You can simply bypass the OBEL using the OBEL bypass mini-toggle switch on the guitar and use the guitar as a standard electric guitar with your effect pedals plugged in-line between your guitar and amp.

Where can I get a junction box?

PHRED instruments recommends The HubBub junction box by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works which has more functionality designed for guitar players who play guitars with standard mono guitar outputs and also with OBEL equipped guitars. Click here to view Junction Boxes in our OBEL Accessories section.

Where can I find a stereo guitar cable?

We recommend the Dual TRS/TS Cable by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works. Click here to view Cables in our OBEL Accessories section.

How long does it take for a production run to be completed?

Usually it takes anywhere from 4-6 months for a production run to be complete.  What determines that time frame is usually the total amount of guitars in the production run, time to source materials, hardware and electronics, and unexpected delays. The time is takes to complete a production run is not the same as the time it will take to fulfill your pre-order.  Contact us to learn more about our production schedule and pre-order fulfillment times.

Reserve your guitar from the next batch by pre-ordering today!

By pre-ordering this guitar, your pre-order is placed into our queue system explained below.  When your guitar arrives in stock, we will setup and install any options you selected, and then we'll ship out your guitar.  Pre-orders are processed in the order in which they were received.

Understanding our queue system

Pre-Order Queue

When your order is in the pre-order queue, it means that your guitar is currently in production or waiting to begin production.

In Stock

When your order is in stock, it means that your guitar is in stock at our shop, and is waiting to be queued up for a setup.

Getting Setup

When your order is in the getting setup queue, it means that we are working on setting up your guitar and installing any add-on upgrades.

Shipping Queue

When your order is in the shipping queue, it means that your guitar is waiting to be boxed up and shipped out. Guitars are typically boxed up and shipped out on Monday or Friday and tracking information will be emailed to you when your guitar ships out.
Product tags
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HubBub Stage Pro

Built in a larger box, The StagePro has inputs for an Obel equipped guitar (labeled OBEL and GUITAR) and for a traditionally wired Auxiliary instrument (labeled AUX) as well as the jacks for effects SEND and RETURN and AMP. Instead of a toggle switch, The StagePro has a foot swtich with LED indicator lights to switch between the 2 modes. The StagePro utilizes a unique True Bypass switching configuration that totally disengages the instrument not in use from the signal chain. You can now switch between your OBEL equipped guitar AND a traditional input auxiliary instrument (pedal steel, mandolin, violin, keyboard, guitar etc) with just the stomp of a switch. The HubBub StagePro accommodates both Obel guitar and Auxiliary instrument AT THE SAME TIME. Please note: Like the original HubBub, the StagePro functionality is totally passive and will work perfectly without any power. The Hub Bub Stage Pro is made by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works.


All Upgrade Options

This is a list of all the upgrade options for all guitars. Please find the upgrades you would like to add to your guitar that is currently in the order queue. If you would like to change your shipping address, please contact us for that request. If you do not have a guitar in the order queue at this time, please do not use this page to purchase individual items. Thank you.

Dual TRS/TS OBEL Cable

The Dual TRS/TS Cable consists of 2x 12′ Mogami Black Cables (1 TRS stereo & 1 TS mono) both with one straight and one rt angle Black Neutrix Plug (most popular configuration). Bundled in a FlexoPet expandable sleeve and secured with Double Layered Adhesive Lined Shrink Wrap for easy cable management and neat appearance. The Dual TRS/TS OBEL Cable is made by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works.



The Phred Instruments Wolph guitar is being discontinued and replaced with the Wolph NT model, a neck through version of the Wolph with laminate body construction.  CLICK HERE to view the Wolph NT model.