Why PHRED instruments

Why Buy PHRED Guitars

PHRED instruments has the best selection of affordable electric guitars with boutique features, tone and elegance.


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How do PHRED guitars compare?

How well do they play?

What do PHRED guitars sound like?

Where can I play a PHRED guitar?

Keep on reading to find out why PHRED guitars are the best electric guitar deal out there.


Professional Setup and Feel

Professional Setup & Feel

To ensure that we deliver high quality playability and tone, one of our master guitar techs in the Los Angeles area meticulously inspects your guitar from headstock to the bottom strap button, and performs a setup to make your PHRED guitar feel comfortable to play. You can look forward to smooth level frets without any sharp edges, low string action, and adjusted intonation.  If you have a specific request for your guitar setup, just let us know.


Guitar Tone at your Fingertips

Scott Van Zen demos a PHRED instruments custom left-handed Ernesto VH Brown guitar with Seymour Duncan SH2 Jazz Neck and SH16 Bridge.
Introduction by Ken Tamplin of Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.




What Our Customers Say

Customer Reviews

I received that guitar about a week ago. Just writing you to say that you guys did a great job with her. The actual play of the guitar is like no other, I fell in love with the first jam on it! Keep up the good work, I'll probably pick up one of your Garcia models in the future as well.

Kane Dalrymple
Ernesto VH Brown

 I played it on my vibro champ first then my pro reverb then my hot rod deluxe sounded great on all three best on the deluxe. The tuners work great the pickups sound as good as the 3 paf humbuckers on my 76 Les Paul Custom.

Kris Lambert

The sustain is really amazing.  I play through a 74 Twin Reverb and two tube screamers, I have a BOSS compressor but do not use it all the time because I hate losing the tone.  The sweet spots of the hollow-body is a new thing for me, and there is no mistaking, once you find it you realize you have a guitar that can do things that the solid body cannot.

Jason DeAmato
DockStar Koa


Check out Our Tribute Guitars

Tom San Fillippo plays a stock PHRED instruments DeadBolt with Grateful Dead Tribute Half Step.






On Board Effects Loop (OBEL) Wiring Expertise

We are one of the few guitar builders who install the On Board Effects Loop (OBEL). In fact, it comes as a standard option on most of our guitars.

Look for these Standard Features on Many PHRED Guitars

24 frets

24 frets
Full 2-octave fingerboard

Set Neck

Set Neck
Warm Resonant Tone

3 Humbuckers

3 Humbucker Pickups
Guitars Tones Galore

Split Coil Toggles

Split-Coil Mini Toggles
Humbucker > Single Coil

Built-in Preamp

Built-in Preamp
Improve the Guitar Signal



Custom Builds for Left Handed Guitar Players

Left Handed guitars by PHRED instruments