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Artist Spotlight: The Stich Method

Artist Spotlight: The Stich Method


Ernesto VH Quilted Maple Brown (2nd generation)



A BIG fan of improvisation, Ian from The Stich Method provides some of the best, and most understandable guitar lessons for improvising and conquering the guitar. On The Stich Method YouTube channel, you can find videos for beginners, intermediate and advanced guitar players. The Stich Method goes live on YouTube nearly every week with a lesson and live discussion. As an additional bonus, Ian will post actual lessons that his personal students ask about, this way you can see what real guitar students are thinking about and how to answer the questions we all have.  Subscribe to The Stich Method's YouTube channel to get notified of when he goes live, and join in on the discussion on all things relating to guitar playing.

The Stich Method
"Please Subscribe and ask any questions you have. I have this thing figured out. I promise."
- Ian, The Stich Method

Petti Backing Tracks on YouTube
Stich Method on YouTube


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