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Artist Spotlight: Matt Check, Cosmic Karma

Artist Spotlight: Matt Check, Cosmic Karma


Jade Wolph


Matt Check, guitarist for Cosmic Karma, began his musical journey playing in his Father’s band at twelve years old. Learning at an early age to be part of a band and to let music breathe and flow, improvisation continues to be a powerful presence in Matt’s guitar playing. Some of his influences as a guitarist are Jerry Garcia, Bela Fleck, Larry Coryell, Allan Holdsworth, and the list goes on.

“I’m really into storytelling, so i’m always trying to paint a picture with my lyrics and my guitar playing. I’m fascinated with the balance of tension and relief, chaos and order, and how they behave in the medium of storytelling.”

Matt is also an animation student in college aspiring to create a synthesis between his music and his art. To see and hear more of Matt Check and his band the Cosmic Karma collective, visit:

Matt Check - Cosmic Karma



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