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Artist Spotlight: Craig Marshall

Artist Spotlight: Craig Marshall




Guitarist Craig Marshall is the last remaining original founding member of Cubensis, having started the band in 1987 after becoming dissatisfied with the Dead’s all-too-infrequent appearances in Southern California. Self-taught, he learned to play guitar by slowing down Grateful Dead records to half speed and studying Jerry Garcia’s unique style. Marshall enjoyed his first Dead show in November 1967 at the Shrine Exposition Hall in Los Angeles. In addition to his Phred Instruments Wolph guitar, Craig also plays instruments handcrafted by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works and by luthier John Carruthers, complete with electronic routing, amplification and effects as used by the late great Jerry Garcia. Amplification is by a modded Fender Twin with a slew of floor predals including the Klon Centaur, a Q-Tron+, various products by Keeley, Analog Man, Beigel Sound Lab and many others. "All in the game, yo!"

Craig Marshall - Cubensis

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