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Artist Spotlight: Connor Kennedy

Artist Spotlight: Connor Kennedy

Guitar: Liger



Connor Kennedy, guitarist from Woodstock, and a member of Steely Dan’s touring band.

“It wasn’t long after his live debut that the singer and guitarist assembled his first band, Depot Street. “Even when I was just starting to play on my own I knew wanted to have a band at some point,” he says. “And I knew that, since I wanted things to be a certain way, I had to be the leader. I was lucky back then to play with a lot of older people, like [organist] Jeremy Baum and [bassist] Kyle Esposito, which made me a better player than I would’ve been if I’d only played with people closer to my age.” His road baptism came in 2013, when Amy Helm invited him to tour that summer with her band. “I’d never been west of Pennsylvania, so just to go to places like Montana and Colorado was pretty incredible,” says Kennedy.

Peter Aaron (Author)
Published on July 11, 2017




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