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Artist Spotlight: Chuck Warda

Artist Spotlight: Chuck Warda


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Meet LDWs guitarist, Chuck Warda, @chuckwarda

🤩Warning: seeing this man perform might cause you to immediately go home and design a shirt with his face on it.... especially when it’s metallic night and he wears those sassy gold pants. 🥳

Along with just wanting to sound like Jimi Hendrix when he was 17, here are are some quick quips:

  • Saw over 200 Dead shows playing open guitar case and skarking pool and chess while hitch hiking across the country multiple times. 👍(Now that’s deadication... sorry, it’s early)
  • International touring audio engineer with bands like @shabbaranksofficial and @spindoctorsband. Currently lead engineer @wonder_ballroom 👏🏻👂🏼
  • Nominated best guitar player in Connecticut in the annual Band Slam poll by the Hartford Advocate newspaper.🎸

About LDW
In the summer of 2013 a group of Portland, Oregon musicians got together around the love of Talking Heads music. Especially that of the epic 1984 concert film, Stop Making Sense, which they consider to be the most brilliant concert film of all time. They began to perform with a 7-piece lineup that was inspired by that particular movie and time period. “There was so much funkiness, movement, and excitement to the music in that movie and we just knew it would get people excited and feel fresh” says Lawrence Orleck, co-founder and singer in the band.
Audiences keep coming back to see LDW. Not only for their exuberant interpretations of the legendary Talking Heads, but also for their original music, improvisation, choreography and the random experiences they deliver at every one of their shows. In a matter of 2 years they were playing to sold out shows all over the west coast and found themselves with the question: “What’s next?”

LDW - Chuck Warda



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