Our Story

How PHRED instruments Got Started

In 2011, Freddy Rose set out to find an affordable guitar with a specific set of features and a distinct tone. After months of searching in guitar stores and online, Freddy happened to meet an international guitar builder and they worked out the details of the design for the TA-01 prototype. Other guitar players soon took notice and wanted to know how and where to get a PHRED instruments guitar.

Affordable, High Quality, Feature-Rich Guitars

PHRED instruments Mission and Goal

PHRED instruments listens to the needs of fellow guitar players in order to provide affordable instruments with features often only found in boutique and highly expensive instruments. In addition to being affordable, each guitar is highly valued and cared for by our team and professionally setup in Los Angeles prior to shipping in order to ensure smooth playability and outstanding tone. To that extent, PHRED instruments attempts to exceed the expectations of each customer with the understanding that buying an instrument is a very personal and intimate experience for each individual.

Photos from our Southern California Workshop

PHRED instruments Shop Image - Business Cards

Business cards, brass plates, measuring tape, and parts storage

PHRED instruments Shop Image - guitar workbench
Overview of our workshop guitar bench

PHRED instruments Shop Image - Weller soldering station
We use a Weller soldering station

PHRED instruments Shop Image - Cleaning and Polishing Supplies
Various guitar tools and supplies, and our machinist's tool box

PHRED instruments Shop Image - wiring harness block
Wiring harness block that we use for a USA Rewire on a Dockstar

PHRED instruments Shop Image - parts storage
Parts storage for electronics, hardware, and pickups

Crowning frets during a setup

PHRED instruments Shop Image - fret edge rounding
Rounding off the fret edges during a setup

Photos from our overseas production factory

TA-01 productionProduction photos of the TA-01 guitar

wolph guitar productionProduction photos of the first batch of Wolph guitars

liger guitar productionProduction photos of the first batch of Liger guitars

phred instruments electronicsA few photos of our stock electronics and wiring