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The HubBub: More than a Junction Box

The HubBub: More than a Junction Box

The HubBub pedal by Godfrey Daniels Guitar Works, is described as "The world’s first Dual Mode Cable Hub exclusively designed for OBEL equipped guitars."  The dual mode aspect of the HubBub pedal is that it allows you to use your effects pedal chain with either a standard electric guitar output or a guitar equipped with an OBEL output, without having to unplug and repatch cables.  It accomplishes this dual mode feat with a mini-toggle switch where you can select whether you have a standard guitar output or an OBEL equipped guitar plugged into the HubBub pedal.

"Just flip the toggle switch to the right, and the HubBub routes the signal from your OBEL equipped guitar thru your pedals, back to your guitar volume/tone controls and out to your amp.

Flip the toggle to the left, and the The HubBub bypasses the OBEL circuit and routes a traditional signal from the guitar thru your effects and out to your amp."

If you have both OBEL equipped and non-OBEL equipped guitars and you would like to use your effect pedals with both without having to repatch cables, check out the HubBub pedal now! 


HubBub Junction Box

Visit the HubBub page to learn more and to check on current pricing.

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