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I Love My Phred
I have had my Dockstar for a week now and I owe this guitar a review. I really really dig it. First off, it looks amazing. I went with the spalted maple and this veneer top suits me. It's not overly spalted and it achieves a very classic look that I am in love with.

Let's talk about the build. The quality is fantastic. I looked over this guitar hard when I got it because I knew where it was made and the price tag had me expecting flaws. There are none. The joints are awesome, and the binding is clean. The cut on the veneer top is a little rough around the edges when the cut went across the grain. That is getting pretty nit-picky and it practically takes a microscope to find that kind of thing.

Overall, the finish is decent. It took me awhile to find any finish flaws but there are a couple. These do not bother me one bit.

The neck is perfect. It is similar to my SG and reminds me of a Gibson neck. It's not super chunky like a 50's Les Paul. Maybe more like a 60's Gibson neck. Fret work is beautiful as well.

The pups are also great. I went stock and after a week, I do not think I will be changing these unless I find some crazy deal I can't pass up. The hollow-body sustains very well with a bit of gain .

$700 guitar that plays amazing, looks amazing. I am a super happy customer.
Jake Bush | 10/16/2017 1:55 PM
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