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PHRED instruments Announces Sponsorship of Wall Street Dead aHead Networking Events® Jam Sessions

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Los Angeles, California – December 10, 2016 – PHRED instruments is pleased to announce a sponsorship with Wall Street Dead aHead Networking Events® (“WSDA”), an organization that brings the Deadhead spirit to the Wall Street community.

WSDA cultivates lasting business relationships and friendships in a relaxed atmosphere thus creating a Family. ​At the annual Event attendees enjoy live music while networking with professionals that share both music and business experience as conversation-starting commonalities. Smaller Family Events throughout the year enhance the bond.

This sponsorship is part of PHRED instruments’s ongoing commitment to support the music, spirit and community of musicians who play and perform The Grateful Dead’s music.

PHRED instruments made available a Wolph electric guitar for the WSDA monthly Jam Sessions where the guitarists have the opportunity to explore and play The Grateful Dead’s music with a familiar tonal palette. “Playing Phred's Wolph guitar was a truly transportive experience. If you're looking for that 70s "Jerry" sound, Phred's Wolph is a must have!” Alexander Rubin, Esq.

Last week PHRED instruments was pleased to sponsor their first of many WSDA Jam Sessions, in Manhattan, New York. With over 30 attendees, the Jam Session included hours of incredible music, networking opportunities, and breakout discussions about music and business.

WSDA Jam Session 4 with PHRED instruments Wolph guitar
December 7, 2016 – WSDA Jam Session #4 group photo.

Wall Street Dead aHead Network Event Jam Session