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Premier Guitar Review of the DockStar Flame Maple

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Premier Guitar Review of the DockStar Flame Maple

Click on the link below to read Jason Shadrick's review of the PHRED instruments DockStar Flame Maple guitar in the August 2016 edition of Premier Guitar Magazine. 

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URL: http://www.premierguitar.com/articles/24396-phred-instruments-dockstar-flame-maple-review


Below are just a few quotes from the review...

"If you do happen to find yourself in a Phish tribute band, then getting your hands on the DockStar is a no-brainer. But it also delivers versatility with applications beyond 20-minute Mixolydian guitar solos."

"The neck pickup has a unique roundness—evoking tones somewhere between Larry Carlton and B.B. King."

"My preferred combination became the neck humbucker mixed with the bridge single-coil and a touch of compression and overdrive—a recipe that came very close to replicating Anastasio’s squishy lead sound."

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