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Hi-Phi Aluminum Knob

The Phred Instruments Hi-Phi Aluminum guitar knob is a reproduction of the knob used for the Bass, Treble and Input selection of a 1960s Lafayette LA224-T Solid State Amplifier, and also similar to the knobs installed on Jerry Garcia's Doug Irwin Wolf guitar and Travis Bean TB500.  These are the Jerry Garcia Wolf knobs you're looking for!  Available in Aluminum for $21.50 each, and Gold-Plated Aluminum for $23.50 each.  Quantity can be adjusted in the cart after adding the item to your cart. Maximum of 4 per customer.


Jerry Garcia Replica Guitar Strap

From Jeri Designs website: For our Jerry Garcia replica guitar strap we start with a super thick piece of heavy duty leather. Jerry had two versions of this strap, and the leather and style we use is like the first of this version strap that he started wearing in 1973. The strap is cut to 2.75" wide, with a thinner strap in the front for adjustment. We've attached the buckle with a strip of leather and Chicago Screws for a secure hold and, and oxidized the buckle so it looks like Jerry's did.


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