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In Depth Review of the DeadBolt Guitar

In Depth Review of the DeadBolt Guitar

Gamer Guide's Matt Barnette put together this in depth video review of his left handed DeadBolt guitar. After watching, head on over to for Matt's interview with Freddy Rose of PHRED instruments.

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Here's excerpt from the interview:

What do you think the coolest/most interesting thing is that Phred brings to the guitar world that makes them worth someone taking a look at?

Our Ernesto VH3 model is perhaps our most interesting design. It’s a hollow body guitar, but it doesn’t necessarily have a traditional hollow body tone. When people play the Ernesto VH3, they comment on how bright it sounds, which is traditionally not a description of a hollow body electric guitar. The Ernesto VH3 also features an on board effects loop (OBEL), similar to what Jerry Garcia had in his guitars, allowing the full signal from the pickups to go to the effects and back into the guitar for post-effect volume adjustment. When guitar players try this out for the first time, they comment on how their effects sound more alive and active. These features aren’t necessarily unique, but we’re perhaps the first to implement them into a guitar with a price tag that’s under $1,000.

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