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Tuesday, July 16, 2019 11:42:37 AM

Hi Everybody!

2 months ago
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Hi everybody!  I'm Freddy Rose, founder of PHRED instruments.  Based in Los Angeles, I've been playing guitar for 25 years.  I don't currently play in a band, but had played in an alternative rock band in the late 1990s-2000s, where we performed in clubs along the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles as well as local bars, restaurants, book stores, coffee shops, and private parties.

My current setup is pretty much any Phred guitar into a Kingsley Maiden BF preamp, into a Seymour Duncan Powerstation 170, into a 12" Speaker Cab with a Beyma Liberty 8 speaker.

My current pedal board has the following pedals (not in this order): Mu-Tron Microtron III, Crybaby Wah, Boss CS-2 Compressor, MXR Distortion, Ibanez SoundTank Tubescreamer (modified), Boss DD-3 Delay, Electro Harmonix Microsynth, and Voodoo Labs Microvibe.  

Post your name, city, instrument, years of playing, current band, and gear below!
2 months ago
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Hello! I’m a musician based in nyc. I have a number of albums out and also keep a very busy teaching schedule each week.

I first saw phish in 94’ on my 16th birthday and it was life changing! I saw a lot of shows between them 94’ and 96’ then moved t NYC to study music and become a musician. I recently recorded a series of 6 albums in 12 months that turned into 13 albums including around 20 musicians and 60 original compositions.

I play a Phred Instruments Dockstar as well as a few different jazz guitars. My amp is a Fender Blues Deluxe that I’ve had since 92’. My board has a TS9, Hoof, QTron, POG, Deja Vu and one button Ditto.